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Earth Conscious Surfacing™.
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What if an amazing new surfacing technology with Uber curb-appeal, didn't grow weeds nor shift out of place after a few short years?! How about no cracks? Well, with our proprietary permeable base and drainage control, water never builds up so we avoid the freeze/thaw damage. Attractive natural granites to match any landscape design. Stunning. Low Impact and Eco-friendly. Sustainable. A natural water filter. Fight flooding and eliminate the amount of toxic storm water entering our water system.

PUREPAVE is the smarter alternative to concrete and Inter-lock. Hands down!

Why install Pure Pave.

A revolutionary, eco-friendly, winterized permeable surface.

Pure Pave is a revolutionary, eco-friendly and winterized permeable surface solution developed by extensive scientific research and testing via University of Ottawa and the National Research Council of Canada. Pure Pave driveways, walkways, pathways and patios are incredibly unique element to any landscape design, but that's not all that makes it special. The combination of our porous base construction and permeable surface allows an incredible amount of water to move freely through the pavement's porous cavities, while allowing it to expand and contract during frost/thaw cycles. This eliminates the negative heaving effects seen with traditional pavements such as asphalt and interlock.

Pure Pave is Stronger.

In fact, 6X stronger than asphalt, 1.7X stronger than concrete.

Our patented method and binders are scientifically tested for optimal performance in Canada with 5000 PSI and 249% elongation and scientifically rated with a 40-Year Lifespan.

The National Research Council of Canada's Construction Technology division, Conservation Ontario, high-end car dealerships, Low Impact Developers, Universities and the Federal Government of Canada are already working with Pure Pave. Plus, our team of Storm-water Management Engineers whom are passionate about helping the environment are here for you.

Unbeatable Warranty and After-Care

Years down the road, like any surface exposed to UV-rays, resin-surfaces may dull and wear over time. Not to worry! We've developed our Pure Pave Pure-Shine Program; A process invented by our team of engineers to rejuvenate your Pure Pave surface to bring the sparkle it had on Day 1.

How the journey began to bring you

Earth Conscious Surfacing.™

Pure Pave Technologies is privileged to team up with a European Permeable Paving powerhouse.

During the past 30 years, millions of square feet have been installed globally by governments, urban developers, universities, and municipalities too. Then, at Pure Pave we added a little something extra; So, our new, patented process, and resin-based binders have demonstrated optimal performance in Canada climate based on Scientific testing…not just our own claim.

Realizing the permeable paving market was ignoring the Canadian climate, we decided to solve the problem ourselves.  Then here’s where our story starts to get really exciting.

Our CEO, Taylor Davis was asked to visit Manhattan in 2016, and the short trip lead to a major US distribution deal — 18 months later.

PurePave then joined forces with Canada’s top chemists for construction materials, to create the strongest possible porous pavements. We knew that to accomplish our goal, we had to push innovation further than ever before. We strived to create a proven system that functions in Canada and we’re proud to say… we did!

PurePave was then slowly becoming a highly sought after paving solution, so we began sending test samples to some of the world’s largest construction companies in Manhattan and New Jersey while local construction companies used it to build amazing new driveways.

Fast forward to 2018 and PurePave’s proprietary technology has been tried, tested and proven with international distributors across the USA, Canada and Korea. In fact, the National Research Council of Canada installed PurePave at their Construction Technology Headquarters as did Conservation Ontario, who are now referring developers to the PurePave permeable system. High-end car dealerships, Low Impact Developers, Universities and the Federal Government of Canada are already working with PurePave!

Our team’s integrity, work ethic and unparalleled passion for helping the environment by developing innovative products, are here for you. Our growing network of professionally trained installers are ready to serve you.

We look forward to working with you!

The PurePave Team

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