Earth Conscious Surfacing™ with benefits, for Property Managers.

Lower Maintenance Costs, Greater Lifespan, Anti-Slip, Eliminate Drainage Issues. And yes…it’s Sustainable.

Enhance your property with sustainable infrastructure. Purepave Technology’s solutions are mindful of the environment and were designed to support the rapid growth of urbanization by reducing stormwater runoff pollution and replenishing aquifers.

NRC Construction Tech Building, Ottawa – PurePave Installation

Refreshingly unique workspace locations

The remarkable properties of Purepave allow property managers to benefit from:

  • Anti-slip surfacing
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No cracks or brick shifting (frost thaw mitigation)
  • Eliminate all drainage issues
  • Unique design capabilities (including signage)

Purepave performs unlike any other construction material and is able to mitigate frost and thaw damage while draining water more efficiently than any other type of permeable surface. Since Purepave won’t crack, liability issues are significantly reduced with anti-slip.

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