PurePave Videos to Discover

Watch these must-see videos to witness PurePave in action.

PurePave vs Rainstorm

Watch the highly porous nature of PurePave. Psst – Notice that no water enters the drain.

PurePave vs Tractor!

No trick cameras… this is 1.5″ of PurePave, same as we install in your driveway, walkway or Patio.

Tractor Friction Test!

What do you think happens when they create friction by turning the wheels?

Government of Canada

PurePave outperforms a permeable concrete at a National Research Council of Canada Building.

Snow? What Snow!?

This sloped driveway enables the melting snow to disappear. Resistant to ice build-up too.

Happy trees in Montréal

The City of Montréal helping trees by installing porous and durable PurePave on the tree pits.

PurePave Magic

Watch another proud Pure Pave customer thrill the neighbour with our good ol’ hose trick.

How we install Pure Pave.

Our proprietary system includes our unique permeable sub-base construction process.

Pure-Shine Program

Our proprietary, porous PurePave resin can be re-applied to bring back the brand new shine.

Heavy rain. Zero run-off!

Storm-water disappears due to PurePave’s highly permeable (porous) surface.

Say Good-bye to Icy Surfaces.

Day after snowstorm, no ice formed on PurePave surfaces. Take that, Jack Frost!

Resistant to Ice Build-up?!

Your PurePave surface is a breeze to shovel. Plus, snow melts 50% faster!

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