Got Questions? We’re glad you do!

New to Pure Pave? These FAQs will help you learn more.

FAQs… (in no certain order)

What is PurePave made of?

Our unique PurePave surface is 100% Natural Granite, crushed into small, pea-gravel sized aggregate (stones). The aggregate is mixed on-site with our patented, PurePave Resin which is winterized, plant-based and non-flammable. In some applications, we can add option glass dust to create anti-slip PurePave surfaces!

Does PurePave look like exposed granite?

Pure Pave surfaces have the appearance of loose, natural aggregates with the structure of finished pavements. If you were to see one of our samples, people describe it looking like a big Rice Crispy squares. Just not nearly as soft, nor as tasty. )

Is Pure Pave a new product?

Not at all. Pure Pave has been built on the back of giants in the UK and Germany. Over 30+ years, over 80 Million Square feet of our European cousin has been installed. At Pure Pave Technologies, we worked with the National Research Council of Canada, and permeable scientists to develop a ‘little something’ which we added, to winterize PurePave to withstand our Canadian Climate. We’ve installed in Ottawa for over 8 years, and 210+ projects; Each project is still as strong as Day 1.

Has Pure Pave been tested?

Absolutely! PurePave has been used in Germany and the UK for 30+ years, with over 80 Million Square Feet installed. Then, PurePave has been scientifically tested by the University of Ottawa. In fact, the Civil Engineers testing our PurePave samples, expressed that in their 30 years of testing, they’ve never seen any other surface like PurePave. Learn more here.

Can I install it myself?

While we admire all the awesome DIYers, PurePave is not a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) product. It requires industry grade equipment and proper training. Thus, only our growing network of PurePave Authorized Pro Installers are able to install PurePave.

Is PurePave eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Pure Pave is considered L.I.D. – Low Impact Development. It has the lowest carbon footprint of any surface to produce. We mix it on-site, so together we avoid any carbon-heavy production.

Is it for Residential or Commercial?

Good news is Pure Pave is strong enough to be used for both residential and commercial applications! On a surface that behaves more like steel than traditional pavement, Pure Pave can accommodate heavy commercial vehicles, including snow plows!

Where can Pure Pave be used?

Pure Pave is suited for many of your residential projects needs including driveways, walkways, pool surrounds, patios and commercial applications such as traffic islands, cart paths, courtyards, pathways, trails, and many other applications.

What is the expected lifespan?

Based on independent, scientific testing by the University of Ottawa, Pure Pave has been rated at 30+ years. Furthermore, based on 40 freeze-thaw cycles, testing suggests a 40 year lifespan.

Does Pure Pave have a warranty?

Yes! Ultimately, the PurePave Warranty is determined by your contractor. Typically our Pure Pave Warranty ensures that you need not worry about cracking or weeds for 5 years.

Does it crack like concrete and asphalt does?

With funding from the National Research Council of Canada, Pure Pave has achieved a technological breakthrough that allows PurePave to resist strength loss from freeze-thaw cycles and it behaves like steel. This means it will bend when under at tremendous amount of pressure, but doesn’t crack.  You can thank our patented system for that.

How is PurePave in the winter?

Great! We never thought you’d ask! Of all the unique benefits, the winter performance is where Pure Pave shines. PurePave surfaces resist ice build-up so you’ll appreciate that you will use less ice melter to keep your driveway safe. Snow melts 50% faster on Pure Pave, and once it melts…it percolates thru the PurePave surface.

How strong is Pure Pave compared to concrete and asphalt?

Great question. Again, based on independent, scientific testing, Pure Pave is 6X stronger than asphalt, and 1.6X stronger than concrete and is the most flexible, so it does not crack with normal wear and tear. Learn more here.

Can I apply salt in the winter?

Yes of course! PurePave is salt and chlorine resistant. Best is, you can expect to use 50% less salt too!

Can I shovel or use my snow blower?

Yes! Pure Pave scientific test included friction test, which, we passed with flying colours. You can run a snow plough on it as well.

Will I get weeds? I hate weeds in my interlock, and thru surface cracks?

Nope! Say bye-bye to your beloved weeds! 🙂 Part of your PurePave Warranty ensures you do not need to worry about weed growth from under your Pure Pave surface for 10 years.

Does Pure Pave require maintenance?

Sorry, but no maintenance required here! Pure Pave is highly porous; every square centimeter of Pure pave is permeable. The only maintenance if you wish, is to give it a light power-wash every couple years…but that is optional. You can contact us about our Pure-Shine Program.

What is the Pure-Shine Program?

Our After-Care program is like no other.  Years down the road, like any surface exposed to UV Rays, resin-surfaces can dull and wear over time. That’s why we’ve developed our Pure Pave Pure-Shine Program. A system that enables our authorized installers to re-spray our patented resin. Exclusively for Pure Pave clients, this ensures that when you install a PurePave surface, it can look as good as it did on Day 1, for a long time.

Is Pure Pave pet friendly?

Yes, Pure Pave is pet friendly. Pure Pave is quite smooth as its finished with a power trowel that flattens the individual stones. It’s very pleasant walk on bare-foot, so your furry friends will not have any issues.

Is Pure Pave toxic?

Not at all. Pure Pave has Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and is actually a natural water filter!

Does installing Pure Pave qualify for LEED Credits?

No it’s not. In fact, Pure Pave is Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and it is actually acts as a natural water filter!

Do I have to wait a month to install like asphalt?

Not at all. Pure Pave has Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and is actually a natural water filter!

Is Pure Pave slippery?

Not at all! Pure Pave is slip-resistant. When combined with an optional secret ingredient, Pure Pave becomes Anti-slip! Due to the Geo-thermal effect, and because a Pure Pave surface ‘breathes’, moisture evaporates quick than other surfaces.

Does Pure Pave get hot in summer like interlock stones?

As previously mentioned, the Geo-Thermal effect means your Pure Pave surface will be noticeably cooler than asphalt, concrete and interlock surfaces. Some clients with our darker colours, experience a comfortably ‘cool’ Pure Pave surface to walk on during hot summer days versus the interlock stones they replaced with Pure Pave.

Does Pure Pave meet CSA Standards?

Yes! Pure Pave meets CSA Group standards for structure and follows its guidelines for meeting hydrology design and requirements.  Pure Pave also follows ASTM for our lab testing / pavement design, and ASCE for structural engineering of permeable pavements and their sub base.

Is Pure Pave soft to the touch?

You will enjoy a very unique, textured yet smooth surface when you install Pure Pave for your driveway, walkway, patio or pool area.

How is Pure Pave installed?

Pure Pave is a pour-in-place permeable paving material, and is a LID (low impact development) product since Pure Pave is mixed on-site, without the use of any carbon heavy manufacturing plants and mixing equipment.

How does Pure Pave handle frost cycles?

Pure Pave permeable surfacing is designed for the Canadian climate, and the most flexible surface, allowing it to withstand freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or heaving. With Funding provided by the NRC, we’ve achieved a technological breakthrough enabling PurePave to resist strength loss from freeze-thaw cycles.

How does Pure Pave reduce water pollution?

Pure Pave permeable surfaces are referred to a Zero Water Run-off.  The Pure Pave surface and system prevents storm water from running into the sewers and into our rivers, streams and our water supply. Help us help you save the environment, and install you Pure Pave driveway today!

So, Pure Pave is the ideal Storm Water Management solution?

Yes Pure Pave surfaces are being used to mitigate flooding, and circumvent the need for traditional stormwater infrastructure. Pure Pave saves developers and builders as a Low Impact Development Strategy.

Does Pure Pave offer services to assist in Storm Water Management solutions?

Absolutely! Pure Pave Technologies’ team of LID specialized engineers, with Masters Degrees in Modern Stormwater Management for Smart Green Cities, will evaluate your current site plan and optimize for: cost savings, sustainable stormwater management and land usage!

Stormwater Management Design – The future of land development will include a stormwater management design that minimizes the need for infrastructure and maximizes natural drainage.  Provide us with your stormwater targets and we will provide you a high-level LID solution that can save millions while helping to naturally restore aquifers and reduce pollution.