PurePave offers modern, stormwater management for smart, green cities. It’s ideal for driveways, walkways, patio and pool areas, and tree surrounds. Not to mention, roads, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, and more. PurePave uses natural granites and green technology to create a modern and, above all, sustainable surface for North American climates. So, let’s discover some of the benefits of a PurePave surface.

Discover the Benefits of a PurePave Surface

Incredibly Porous 

A resilient landscape is one that functions naturally by allowing rain to permeate back into the soil. PurePave has a permeable sub-base that allows water to drain 30 cm below the surface back into the soil. Therefore, an enormous amount of water per second can drain through the PurePave surface. 


It has the lowest carbon footprint of any surfacing material to produce. This Earth Conscious Surfacing™ uses 5.4 kg of recycled plastic per square metre and has zero VOC emissions. Moreover, PurePave prevents stormwater pollution from running into the sewers and into rivers, streams and our water supply. 

Low-Impact Development (LID)

PurePave can be used to mitigate flooding and circumvent the need for traditional stormwater infrastructure. So, it can save developers money as a Low-Impact Development (LID) strategy.

Strong and Flexible

PurePave is 6X stronger than asphalt and 1.6X stronger than cement. Moreover, it’s the first pavement not to lose strength from frost/thaw simulations performed by the University of Ottawa. aditionally, it’s flexible and doesn’t crack! PurePave has a 6.1 mpA of flexural strength.

Comfortably ‘Cool’ to Walk on in the Summer

In the summer months, the PurePave surface is noticeably cooler to walk on than asphalt, concrete and interlock surfaces. So, it’s ideal for pool areas. Moreover, heat buildup in and around cities is a problem. This heat buildup is called the urban heat island effect. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Although originally designed for storm- water control, permeable pavements are emerging as a potential cool pavement.” Permeable surfaces, like PurePave, enhance water evaporation. In turn, this cools the pavement surface and surrounding air. 


PurePave is practically immune to the cracking and buckling caused by our harsh Canadian winters. Plus, snow melts 50% faster. Therefore, 50% less salt is required to melt ice. 

Anti-slip and AODA Compliant

The PurePave surface is slip-resistant and can be upgraded to anti-slip. Plus, PurePave is AODA compliant. So, this is ideal for wheelchair access. Also, faster snow melt in the winter, with minimal ice build-up, and extra grip, makes PurePave an excellent safety surface.

It Sparkles

PurePave’s attractive natural granites literally sparkle in the sunshine. In fact, neighbours will think you’ve sprinkled Swarovski crystals on your driveway. Additionally, it’s made of 100% Canadian granite and available in an array of naturally perfected colours. 

Made in Canada

The National Research Council of Canada, Conservation Ontario and our Federal Government are now installing PurePave! Proudly Canadian…eh!?

5 Year Warranty

A PurePave installation comes with an unparalleled 5 Year PurePave Warranty.

40 Year Rating

Independent, scientific testing by the University of Ottawa, rates PurePave with an expected Lifespan of 40+ years. Most importantly, this rating is within our Canadian climate.

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