Parking in Toronto is a valuable commodity. In fact, many residential properties do not have a garage or driveway. Therefore, these residents must apply for residential on-street parking permits. So, in this instance, installing a front yard parking pad would be ideal. Also, front yard parking pads increase property value. However, the City of Toronto does have concerns with the environmental impacts of front yard parking pads, namely stormwater runoff. So, this is where permeable parking pads can become part of the solution in Toronto. 

Permeable Parking Pads: Part of the Solution in Toronto

Front Yard Parking Offers Convenience and Increases Property Value

Needless to say, parking pads offer parking convenience. Especially if you don’t have a driveway or garage. Who wants to waste time looking for a parking spot every time they drive home? Also, according to MPAC, installing a licensed parking pad will increase a property’s value by approximately 3%. For example, a parking pad on a property assessed at one million dollars will increase the property’s value by approximately $30,000.

Environmental Impacts of Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces

According to the City of Toronto, “The combination of heavy rain and hard surfaces covering the city is resulting in more water making its way into the stormwater system. Too much water in the City’s stormwater system can overwhelm it, leading to flooded basements and poor water quality in local waterways, including Lake Ontario.” Additionally, the City must purchase expensive holding tanks for the stormwater runoff to sit in so that it doesn’t contaminate local waterways. 

Permeable Parking Pad Solution

The City of Toronto does accept applications to put in front yard parking pads. Though, one of the conditions is that your proposed front yard parking pad must be paved with permeable paving material. For more information, refer to Municipal Code Chapter 918, Parking on Residential Front Yards and Boulevards. This stipulation is understandable considering the environmental impacts of non-porous pavements.

So, if you’re considering applying for a front yard parking pad permit in the City of Toronto, PurePave may be the perfect solution. PurePave permeable pavement minimizes surface water runoff to the sewer system. With PurePave, the rain water doesn’t rush into the sewage treatment system. Instead, it gets absorbed into the soil. In fact, PurePave has a permeable sub-base that allows water to drain 30 cm below the surface back into the soil. Therefore, an enormous amount of water per second can drain through the PurePave surface. Check out a Toronto Star article about a PurePave, net-zero run-off property in Toronto.

In summation, when it comes to obtaining a front yard parking pad, permeable surfaces like PurePave are a great, eco-friendly solution. It should be noted that the ability to get front yard parking does depend on which part of the City you reside. Click here to contact the City of Toronto and learn more.